PERC VIDEO: Don’t Miss the Bus! Getting Aboard Our School Bus Campaign


Just as students nationwide are heading back to school, the Propane Education & Research Council is launching a campaign to educate and motivate school officials, parents, and educators about propane-autogas-powered school buses.

Our aim is to spread messaging about the safer, quieter technology that propane autogas buses offer in comparison to diesel models. Consumers will also be inspired to imagine what better things that their schools could do with the savings they’ll enjoy by switching to propane autogas – such as hiring more teachers, reducing class sizes, or getting more equipment and classroom materials.

In this video, PERC President and CEO Roy Willis discusses PERC’s school bus campaign, and the good news about one of our fastest-growing markets and high-profile consumer outreach efforts.

Marketers and consumers alike are encouraged to check out these fact sheets, and to download them to share with other parents and school officials at school board or PTA meetings to help encourage other school bus fleets to adopt the advantages of propane – and help grow gallons for marketers.

Likewise, we are encouraging folks to sign up and receive more information throughout the year as the campaign expands and gains momentum.