PERC VIDEO: Reconnect With Your Fleet Customers And Earn Quick-Connect Nozzle Incentives

Did you know? Propane marketers who have switched their bi-fuel customers to the quick-connect nozzles have seen an immediate increase in propane autogas use.This, you know: You like receiving cash.Make both happen by participating in PERC’s new Quick-Connect Nozzle Incentive Program (here’s how it works): You can earn $50 per every tank-side connector installed in a given fleet (limit 25), and $500 per each dispenser nozzle installed for that same fleet (limit 2). Photograph the refueling sites once you’ve installed the new nozzles, and then turn in the completed application(s), to be eligible for an overall total of $40,000 in incentives.
It’s worth getting excited about: Fleet customers prefer the nozzles since they make refueling with propane autogas as familiar as using gasoline or diesel. Furthermore, quick-connect nozzles can be used one-handed, may not necessitate personal protective equipment such as eyewear or gloves, can’t be cross-threaded, and actually release fewer emissions per connection.

Give your fleet customers a hand in making the switch by checking out an introductory video and filling out your incentive program application; both are available here.