Energy Gumbo: Propane Autogas School Bus Market Builds Momentum

Traction is building in the propane autogas school bus market. Last month the New York Times published a story, Schools Turn to Propane Buses as Stricter Emissions Standards Loom, potentially reaching 63.6 million unique online visitors and 2.1 million print subscribers.

This is a big win for PERC and the propane industry. Obtaining media coverage in a new market like propane autogas is important to increase awareness and adoption of the technology.

Already many states and school districts have adopted propane-powered buses and are making additional orders. Once they experience the benefits for themselves – quieter rides, less greenhouse gas emissions, no diesel exhaust, and less money spent on maintenance and fuel — it’s hard not to want more of it.

School officials and community residents are using propane buses in New YorkAtlanta,Los AngelesHoustonMinneapolisClevelandChicagoPittsburgh, and many other cities, big and small.

They’re saying things like, “It’s a smoother ride, a safer ride” (Broward County, Miami), “We’ve never been so happy. … we don’t have any issues with these buses” (Mesa Public Schools, Phoenix), and “We are pleased to offer improved air quality to our children and our community, as well as significant cost savings to our district” (Adams County, Denver).

In the last two years, the work we’ve done in public relations has resulted in these stories and more. This PR strategy is valuable to PERC and the propane industry because it builds propane’s credibility through stories of real customers talking about the benefits of the fuel to their peers. To see even more testimonials, check out our Straight Talk videos on YouTube.

Let’s keep the wheels turning on propane autogas!


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