Propane Backers See Decade of Success

CleanFUEL USA founder, Curtis Donaldson with Propane Education & Research Council president and CEO Roy Willis.

CleanFUEL USA founder, Curtis Donaldson with Propane Education & Research Council president and CEO Roy Willis.

7,000 Propane Autogas School Buses in U.S., 2,600 in Texas

Propane autogas advocates celebrated a decade of success earlier this month, noting at an event in Austin that more than American school districts now operate more than 7,000 propane autogas school buses on a daily basis.

In all, more than half a million children ride propane autogas school buses to and from school,” says the Propane Education & Research Council.

According to the Texas Railroad Commission, more than 2,600 of the propane autogas school buses are on the job in Texas.

‘A Significant Feat’

“The state of Texas has accomplished a significant feat in the last 10 years in bringing clean and affordable fuel to so many school districts,” CleanFuel USA president Curtis Donaldson said in a PERC release. “It’s a testament to the hard work of many people that, with a little ingenuity, we could bring a better alternative fuel option to school transportation throughout this state – and beyond.”

“More and more school districts across the country are facing tighter transportation budgets and they must use their resources more wisely,” said PERC president and CEO Roy Willis.

“Propane autogas school buses help districts lower their fuel budgets, but the benefits don’t stop there. Propane school buses improve passenger safety and reduce harmful emissions compared with their diesel bus counterparts, too,” he said.

More Buses from More Builders

A standout among Texas fleets is Dallas County schools, which operates seven propane autogas fueling facilities supporting some 375 propane autogas vehicles. DCS consumes about 900,000 gallons of propane autogas fuel per year. DCS has about 1,825 vehicles all told, says transportation director Tim Jones..

CleanFuel USA’s Donaldson noted in a recent blog post that since a key meeting in 2006, manufacturers including Blue Bird, Collins Bus and Thomas Built have included propane autogas vehicles among their school bus offerings. As of this year, Navistar-IC Bus is onboard too.

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