F-150 Order Bank Closing Fast For MY2016

The opportunity to order a 2016 F-150 is likely to end in early March - that leaves approximately one month complete your orders. Fleets wanting to deploy F-150's in MY2016 with CNG or Propane autogas should consider ordering in the next 30 days or risk being pushed into MY2017. Westport wants everyone desiring to deploy F-150 CNG or Propane units soon, to understand the dynamics of ordering now.

Westport is offering demo units to those fleets needing to drive it as part of their decision-making process. Please let me know if you'd like to arrange a demo. The response on the Transit Van demo has been extremely high.

Interest in the Westport Powered Ford F-150 CNG and Propane autogas is high. The new F-150 offers a quiet, comfortable ride typically found in luxury brand SUV's, though it can be priced and equipped for commercial use. The light-weight body, newly-designed frame and high mpg, removes driver resistance, normally experienced when suggesting alternative fuel vehicles to employees. Residual values are expected to be high with the Westport Powered F-150 with no concerns of the truck being labeled a gas guzzler, should oil prices shoot back up at trade-in time.

Westport is closely monitoring the order bank window at Ford so that everyone with a goal to order and deploy a CNG or Propane autogas F-150, with Westport WiNG system for MY2016, has the chance to do so.


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