FCCC Propane S2Gs for Los Angeles USD

8.0-Liter ‘PIthon’ Engines for as Many as 50 Vehicles

Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. showed a propane-fueled S2G box truck at ACT Expo, the first of 30 ordered by the Los Angles Unified School District.

FCCC commercial chassis product manager Mike Stark with Power Solutions International on-highway sales president Bob Pachla at ACT Expo 2016. Note 60 gallon rail-mounted propane autogas fuel tank on left side of vehicle.

An order for 20 more is expected, said FCCC commercial chassis product manager Mike Stark.

The truck has an 8.0-liter “PIthon” brand engine from Powertrain Integration. Powertrain Integration was acquired last year by PSI – Power Solutions International – via a deal announced last year at ACT Expo 2015 in Dallas (F&F, May 11, 2015).

The propane-fueled S2G is available as a bobtail for propane delivery, or as a flatbed or stake truck – and of course as the box truck seen in Long Beach last week.

“This is a factory-built truck,” says Stark. “It doesn’t have to go to a secondary source. It comes off our assembly line as a turnkey truck.”

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