Save the Environment, Save Your Bottom Line with Propane

How often do we hear about cost getting in the way of making environmentally-responsible decisions? Too often, I’d say.

Yet that may be changing as more folks take a closer look at propane as an option and become more aware of its cost-saving green benefits. 

That’s certainly what Phil Howes, director of transportation for the East Sac County Community School District in Lake View, Iowa, hears from people in his community when they come across one of the seven propane autogas school buses he purchased for his fleet.

“People pull up behind you and then they’ll stop…and ask about them. Then when you tell them how much you’re saving, ‘oh my gosh,’ they just can’t believe it,” Howes said.

Each bus saves the district as much as $8,000 per year on fuel costs and decreased maintenance to spend on district programs directly serving students, while also reducing bus idling and exposure to harmful fumes.

The Propane Education and Research Council recognized East Sac County Community School District, along with Houston Independent School District in Houston, Texas, and Mobile County Public Schools in Mobile, Alabama for their commitment to sustainability at the School Transportation News Expo in Nevada this week.

These are the first Leadership with Propane Autogas Awards PERC has awarded with plans to continue as more districts adopt propane school buses and transition away from older diesel engines that emit particulate matter that is a known carcinogen, contributing to asthma and respiratory illnesses. East Sac County plans on switching the district’s entire fleet to propane.

And I think many more will too as more people come to find that being a good steward of the environment doesn’t have to come with a cost. Who says saving the environment can’t also save money?

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