Gilbarco® Encore® S

Single Sided, Single Hose
Dual Sided, Dual Hose

Standard Features

  • Galvanized Meter support bracket with reinforcement
  • Explosion proof conduit for all high voltage wires
  • Piloted solenoids for flow control
  • Intrinsically safe circuits for pulser and ATC probes
  • Liquid inlet & vapor outlet diagnostic gauges
  • Bleeder & isolation valves for maintenance
  • Air-Gap separation with conduit and vapor seals
  • Standard LC MA4 meter with SCAMP linearization
  • Available with standard and Gilbarco MOC graphics
  • Available with custom vinyl wrap
  • Retains original Gilbarco computer and features
  • Compatible with standard Gilbarco options
  • Elaflex Gasguard GG20 nozzle standard
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation
  • UL Listed
  • Worldwide service for Gilbarco electronics

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