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  • HMI (HumanMachineInterface) Calculator/ Controller
  • Five RS-232/422/485 Communication Ports
  • USB Port to download the unit’s configuration from a PC or for data transfers to a PC
  • COMPACTFLASH® socket to increase memory capacity up to 64 MB (mandatory to program and data transferring)
  • Backlit 3.2” LCD screen
  • 32 button keypad includes user defined keys, navigational keys, numeric keys, keys for on-screen menus

Fuel Network Management

  • Full Remote access and diagnostics when connected to internet. Communicates with smart devices and computers.
  • Types of Access control
        Access Card with optional card reader
        PIN # entry on keypad
       Optional Dallas iButton
       Optional RFID System
  • Fuel Storage Tank Inventory Monitoring

Additional Options

  • Card Reader
  • Printer
  • 7-inch LCD Display with 800 x 3(RGB) x 480 resolution
  • HMI 7” Outdoor Color Touch Screen

UL Listed Class I, Division II Device

Made in the USA

CE Compliant / RoHS Compliant

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