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Bi-Fuel Conversion
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Operational Costs
Annual Miles/Vehicle:
Average Fuel Consumption (m.p.g.): 13.5
Fuel Gallons/Year:
Cost of Fuel/Gallon
(including $0.50/gallon rebate for autogas)
Annual Fuel Costs: $13,036 $2,857 $10,179
Maintenance Costs/Mile:
(oil changes, scheduled maintenance)
Annual Maintenance Costs: $750 $375 $375
Total Annual Operational Costs: $13,736 $3,232 $10,554
Total Cost of Ownership (multiple years): $207,357 $111,821 $95,536
  • Diesel and gasoline prices captured and averaged from
  • Miles per gallon figured for gasoline, diesel and propane vehicles are estimates only and variations will occur.
  • Propane autogas fuel price is an estimate and is subject to change based on location, fleet size and contract terms.
  • The Texas Railroad Commission sites a 50% reduction in maintenance costs by running a vehicle on propane compared to gasoline.