Ford 5L F-150

Built for Performance

  • OEM-quality engineering and design.
  • Engineered to exceed Ford’s requirements for dissimilar metals (aluminum body and in-bed tank package).
  • Standard 24-gallon fuel tank; optional 16 gallon tank available.
  • Underbody tank package for additional truck bed capacity.
  • 150,000-mile fuel pump life expectancy.
  • Liquid propane system provides consistent volumetric efficiency and delivers superior power and emissions when compared to existing vapor propane systems.
  • Easily replaceable inline filter simplifies maintenance.
  • No additional scanning tools for diagnostic service.
  • Available on all Ford F-150 body types.
  • EPA and CARB certification expected spring 2016


Engine:            2016 MY 5.0L V8 with gaseous engine                          prep package.
Tank Size:        24 gallons, optional 16 gallon available.


  • Meets all Ford OEM safety testing requirements.
  • Ford vehicle warranty remains intact.
  • Ford financing available on both vehicle and Westport WiNG Power System. 
  • Ship-thru ordering.
  • Nationwide network of trained service technicians.
  • OEM–quality process helps fleets save money.