Freightliner Custom Chassis MT-45/55


Take the first step towards a more efficient operation with the propane autogas Freightliner Customs Chassis MT-45/55. With the power to pull steep hills, the maneuverability to get in and out of the tightest spots, and the dependable stopping power to handle any surprises that come your way, it’s hard to find a chassis that outperforms these. A propane equipped 6.0 liter hardened engine offers exceptional fuel economy and performance while dramatically lessening emissions.  Newspaper delivery, industrial laundry, tool trucks, utility service; for demanding routes, nothing delivers like the MT-45/55.


Engine:                    6.0 V8 Gaseous Fuel (LC8)
Horsepower:           342 hp
Torque:                    373 lb-ft
Wheelbase:             Standard 158
Payload:                  10,000 lbs
Fuel Capacity:        Single Propane Tank
                                 42 gallons usable
                                 Auxiliary tank available
Range:                     250 - 300*

* Fuel economy will vary depending on conditions including: weight, drive cycle, drive style, etc.

The 6.0L System is provided in cooperation with ICOM North America – manufacturer, assembler and distributor of the patented Icom JTG Liquid Injection Propane vehicle system.