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GM 6.0L G4500 Cut-Van Chassis


Whether it's meeting companywide initiatives or government standards, fleet managers face many challenges. GM is thinking ahead with its fully integrated, factory installed, single-invoice CleanFUEL USA LPG system, backed by GM's 5-year/100,000 mile Powertrain Warranty.
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Engine:                6.0 V8 Gaseous Fuel (LC8)
Horsepower:       342 hp
Torque:                373 lb-ft
Wheelbase:         159
Payload:              8,777 lbs
Fuel Capacity:    3 Tank System
Range:                 250 - 300 Miles*

*Fuel economy will vary depending on conditions including: weight, drive cycle, drive style, etc.

*The 6.0L System is provided in cooperation with ICOM North America – manufacturer, assembler and distributor of the patented Icom JTG Liquid Injection Propane Vehicle System.