Thomas Built Propane Minotour


Propane is a safe and environmentally-friendly fuel that is widely available and is used by millions of people in the home, on the road, on the farm and at work.

Thomas Built Buses is pleased to offer a propane-fueled Minotour® bus as part of our robust alternative-powered product line-up. This compact vehicle provides exceptional power and quiet operation.

It’s available with popular options like a wheelchair lift and air conditioning. The fully-integrated fuel system is backed by GM’s warranty and service network. And Minotour also comes equipped with all of the peace-of-mind features of our larger buses, including the one-piece, skirt-to-skirt roof bows and 12-gauge steel wraparound.

At Thomas Built Buses, we’re committed to building buses that meet your safety, environmental and financial needs. This propane-fueled Minotour bus will surely make an excellent addition to your fleet.

The 6.0L System is provided in cooperation with ICOM North America – manufacturer, assembler and distributor of the patented Icom JTG Liquid Injection Propane vehicle system.


Engine:       6.0 V8 Gaseous Fuel (LCB)
Horsepower:              342 hp
Torque:                       373 lb-ft
Wheelbase:                GM Chassis: 159
Passenger Capacity: Up to 30
Payload:                      8,777 lbs
Fuel Capacity:            3 Tank System
Range:                        250 - 300*

* Fuel economy will vary depending on conditions including: weight, drive cycle, drive style, etc.